The following courses are opened for admission to the college:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Vocational Diploma in Automotive (Integrated)


1) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): An applicant should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination in Arts stream from the COHSEM, Imphal, Manipur or any other equivalent (10+2) examination from a recognized state/central/foreign Board or Council with minimum 45% marks in the subjects concerned.

 2) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.): An applicant should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination in Science stream from the COHSEM, Imphal, Manipur or any other equivalent (10+2) examination from a recognized state/central/foreign Board or Council with 50% marks in the subjects concerned.

3) Vocational Diploma in Automotive: Under the Vocationalisation of Higher Education scheme of RUSA, Ministry of Human Resources, the college opens a vocational diploma course in Automotive which is to be integrated with the bachelor degree course. Students will be notified about admission to this course separately after commencement of the academic session.


            B.A. and B.Sc. are both 3-year degree courses divided into 6 semesters. Their course contents are as follows.

(A) Foundation Courses (one paper compulsory for all students):

  • General English or MIL (Manipuri) – to be opted in 1st and 2nd Semesters
  • Regional Development (NE)              – to be opted in 3rd semester
  • Environmental Studies                       – to be opted in 4th semester

(B) Elective subjects: Three optional papers must be opted in each semester from 1st to 4th semester. These papers should be chosen from the following combinations of elective subjects. No other subject combinations shall be considered.

Subject combinations for B.Sc. course:

Sl. No. Subject Combinations Intake Capacity
1 Botany, Zoology, Chemistry 175
2 Botany, Zoology, Geography 45
3 Chemistry, Geography, Botany 10
4 Zoology, Chemistry, Geography 10
5 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics 10
6 Physics, Chemistry, Geography 10
Total: 260


Subject combinations for BA course:

Sl. No. Subject combinations Intake capacity
1. Pol. Science, Education, Economics 100
2. Pol. Science, Education, History 50
3. Pol. Science, Education, Manipuri 30
4. Pol. Science, Education, English 30
5. Pol. Science, Education, Geography 40
6. Pol. Science, Economics, History 30
7. Pol. Science, Economics, Geography 40
8. Education, Geography, History 15
9. Education, Geography, Manipuri 30
10. Geography, Economics, English 40
11. English, History, Pol. Science 30
12. English, Geography, Pol. Science 30
13. Geography, Education, Mathematics 15
14. Pol. Science, Manipuri, Mathematics 30
Total: 510


(C) Honours course: (to be offered in 5th and 6th semesters)
A student should choose a subject out of his/her elective subjects to offer honours course. There will be only honours papers in the 5th and 6th semesters but no General course option.

The following honours subjects are offered in the college:

Sl. No. Honours subject offered Intake capacity
1. Political Science 115
2. Geography 60
3. Economics 35
4. Education 45
5. English 30
6. History 45
7. Manipuri 30
8. Chemistry 35
9. Botany 40
10. Zoology 80
11. Physics 30
12. Mathematics 30
Total: 575


  1. A student should choose his/her subject combination of choice at the time of admission in 1st semester and he/she cannot change it in future.
  2. A student cannot choose a particular subject combination which has been already filled up to capacity.
  3. No student can opt for Chemistry/Botany/Zoology unless he/she has passed 10+2 course with Chemistry.
  4. No student can opt for Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics unless he/she has passed 10+2 course with Mathematics.



1st Year: Semester I                                Semester II
Gen. Eng./MIL (Man.) – I                          Gen. Eng./MIL (Man.) – II

Elective 1 – Paper I                                      Elective 1 – Paper II

Elective 2 – Paper I                                      Elective 2 – Paper II

Elective 3 – Paper I                                      Elective 3 – Paper II

2nd Year: Semester III                          Semester IV
Regional Development (NE)                      Environmental Studies

Elective 1 – Paper III                                    Elective 1 – Paper IV

Elective 2 – Paper III                                   Elective 2 – Paper IV

Elective 3 – Paper III                                   Elective 3 – Paper IV

3rd Year: Semester V (Hons)            Semester VI (Hons) 
Honours – Paper V                                      Honours – Paper VIII
Honours – Paper VI                                     Honours – Paper IX

Honours – Paper VII                                   Honours – Paper X

Note: 1. Each paper carries 100 full marks.

             2.There is no General course in Sem. V & VI in the college.