• Construction of Concrete Garden Bench
  • Repairing and renovation of Electrical wiring of different sections to reduce power consumption
  • Repairing and renovation of Multi-Purpose Hall and Science Laboratories
  • Enhancing of IT infrastructures
  • Enhancing of classroom and office furniture
  • Allotment of rooms for each of the department and also Lady’s and Girls’ Common Rooms
  • Construction of water distributing system and installation of rain water harvesting system
  • Development of method of purification of Wangjing river after filling into Swimming Pool
  • Organization of college, state and national level seminars
  • Observation of some important national and international days
  • Organization of extension and NSS programmes regularly
  • To host Manipur University Inter College Games and Sports
  • Organization of annual games and sports, debating competition and cultural programmes etc.
  • To constitute at least one unit of Youth Red Cross
  • Organization of administrative training programmes for non-teaching staffs
  • Issue of permission for participation in Faculty Development programmes in regulated manner
  • Compliance to financial audit
  • Enhancing of participation of students in seminars, extension programmes and extra-curriculars.
  • Signing of MOUs with governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • To become beneficiary of RUSA grant
  • Rendering encouragement to the pursuing of Ph.D. degree by teachers and undergoing of research in the college
  • Organization of environment related programmes in the campus
  • Organization of EBSB programmes for national integration
  • Increase of trained teachers for conduction of smart class
  • Existence of functional committees to help administration
  • Availability of scheme for monetary assistance to students and staffs
  • Delivering skill-based education with Add on Courses



  1. Organization of field study tours
  2. Purchase of library books from college fund
  3. Development of Central Computer Laboratory
  4. Undergoing of process for construction of swimming pool


  1. Commencement of Infrastructure development of the college from RUSA grants
  2. Opening of Mini Conference Hall
  3. Submission of proposal to UGC for construction of Women Hostel
  4. Introduction of scheme ‘Monetary Assistance for Boosting up Curricular and Extra Curricular activities’


  1. Commencement of construction of Women Hostel from UGC grant
  2. Construction of new Administrative Block
  3. Introduction of Automotive Vocational Course
  4. Reconstitution of committees


  1. Full implementation of scheme ‘Monetary Assistance for Boosting up Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
  2. Constitution of new several new committees
  3. Introduction of Remedial Coaching
  4. Construction of Overhead Tanks
  5. Enhancement of Laboratory infrastructures
  6. Enhancement of performance of students in games and sports
  7. Enhancement of participation in games and sports, organization of extension programmes and seminars, and observance of national and international days


  1. Reimbursement for registration fee of seminars and conferences participated by teachers
  2. Installation of Lease Line facility of 8 mbps
  3. Installation of Solar Panels
  4. Installation of rain water harvesting system
  5. Inauguration of temporary Arts Block
  6. Inauguration of Women Hostel
  7. Opening of Honours courses of Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology
  8. Installation of Campus Wi Fi
  9. Introduction of Software ‘Cloud Based Electronic, Admission, Examination and Certificate Record Management System’
  10. Opening of Conference Hall with audio system
  11. Infrastructure update of Central Computer Laboratory with enhancement of the number of computer
  12. Introduction of Short Term Courses on Computer Operation and Mushroom Cultivation
  13. Purchase of Library books
  14. Purchase of modern class room furniture
  15. Purchase of Laboratory equipments.